We are happy to share with you  all the features that make reporting even easier now.

Added components in report lines. Customization and exploration of your data are possible right down to the smallest detail. Depending on your preferred format, now you can add entire Qlik Sense sheets as curated PDF documents to your KPImailer reports, add header, footers,  and logo

Customize the name of your PDF so it can be easy for you to know what data you are looking at? You can add tags with iterative fields from Qlik Sense and / or date tags to make sure you are always aware of the version you are looking at. 

Added templating features to your Excel. Now, you can recreate your favorite Excel rules in KPImailer reporting. Get rid of manually setting the template each time! Set it once and get it updated every time the report runs. 

Embed your color coded rules into your reporting and make sure you get all the visibility you need into the exceptions. Less time for analysis, more time for action. 

Added Qlik Sense themes to the KPImailer reports. Select the perfect Qlik Sense theme for your KPImailer report and provide your users with the seamless visual experience they are used to.

Added scheduling options: Now, you have more options to schedule the reports: by time, by Qlik Sense task or choose to run the report whenever another KPImailer report finished running, to provide users with both macro and granular views on the subject (report chaining).

Added channels for the distribution of the KPImailer reports. With the new version, the KPImailer reports come exactly when and where you need them the most. Choose to send your reports via email, export them to a local folder or create a BOT on Telegram that sends you, automatically, all the info you need. 

You can still get notified when your report finished running with the KPImailer alerts, but now you can add messages like: the Daily sales report run successfully, go check it out on Email/Folder/Telegram, to keep your colleagues engaged.

Looking forward to seeing KPImailer in action? Easy to install. Easy to set up. Even easier to report.

You can download the app  here or schedule a  demo to see it in action.


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